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Located in the heart of Puerto Varas, Solace Hotel Puerto Varas offers a convenient gateway to one of the most beautiful cities in Chile. From the beautiful historic attractions and vibrant dining and nightlife to be found in the city center to exhilarating outdoor activities and eco-adventures, our staff will be happy to recommend popular attractions, activities and things to do throughout Puerto Varas.

Sagrado Corazon de Jesus Church

One of several German colonial-style buildings in Puerto Varas, this beautiful church stands on a hilltop overlooking the city and lake. Built entirely of oak in 1915, the church is modeled after the Marienkirche in Germany's Black Forest.

Lago Todos Los Santos

In a country known for its stunningly beautiful lakes, Lago Todos los Santos (Lake of All Saints) is easily among the most breathtaking. Just a quick journey from Puerto Montt, the lake is ringed by dense forests. Be sure to hire a local boatman to take you out on the water.

Chiloe Island

The fifth-largest island in South America, Chiloe Island is steeped in the seafaring culture and traditions of its spirited people. Here, visitors will find charming palafitos (houses mounted on stilts along the water's edge), beautiful wooden churches (many of which are UNESCO World Heritage Sites), lush, windswept landscapes, wild and remote national parks and majestic forests.

Osorno Volcano

With its lush, green slopes and snow-capped peak, the Osorno Volcano attracts thousands of tourists and mountain climbers each year. 


Known for its German heritage and architecture, Frutillar is one of the most scenic and quaint towns in Chile. The traditional German style homes, pretty beaches and waterfront setting enchant all who visit. Highlights include the German Museum, the Phollipi waterfront and the Forestry Winkler reserve, which features native forests and walking trails.

Teatro del Lago

This world-class cultural center showcases musical and artistic exhibits and educational programs in a setting of breathtaking natural beauty.

Dreams Casino

Feeling lucky? Dreams Casino features 304 slot machines, 35 table games and several fabulous restaurants.

Saltos el Petrohue

Famous for its waterfalls and evergreen foliage, Petrohue River Falls is one of the most breathtaking and powerful natural attractions in Chile. Lago Todos los Santos.

Neighborhood Gastronomy

Solace is surrounded by a vivid and varied gastronomy, just steps from our hotel you can find excellent bars and restaurants for all tastes, ask our team for the best recommendations.

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